What Should You Watch Out For With SEO In 2022

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

It is the process of optimising a web page or a website to increase organic traffic. The traffic from the search engines is free. SEO, therefore, helps businesses generate free organic traffic. Businesses do not have to spend on paid ads.

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Content Targeting Question Keywords

It will become almost impossible to rank content with misleading titles. It is now easy for Google’s algorithm to recognise content with reliable and relevant information. It is going to be difficult to rank content in 2022 because of the fierce competition.

It is crucial to provide helpful content on your website. If you just focus on building links to your content, your might content might not rank. You also need to link to trustworthy sources since Google can identify the reliability of the links on any website.

Personalised Results

Google use your recent searches to rank web pages. Therefore, Google is more likely to use the recent activities of its users to rank content. Google does this to improve user experience and provide useful information.

Google matches information according to the frequent searches and the most visited pages of the users. Internet users are, therefore, more likely to get search results based on their interests. It is just like the way YouTube shows suggested and recommended videos to their users.


The snippet is on the top of the search results. It shows a brief description or even a photo of the search query. It helps users get quick information. The users do not have to visit the website to get an answer to their questions. In some cases, the snippet can show incomplete or misleading information. Google will show snippets from relevant and reliable websites.

Voice Search

People will use voice search in 2022. It is now easy to use voice search to search for information on Google. Internet users can use their smartphones to search for information. They do not have to type the question on the search bar. Voice search will get more popular.

Businesses will have to optimise their content for voice search. It is easy to rank for voice search since more businesses are not optimising their content for voice search. If you can start optimising your content for voice search now, you can beat your competition.

Related Keywords

It is no longer necessary to keyword stuff or keyword spam your content. Keyword spamming cannot help you increase your organic traffic. Google is now smarter. It can, therefore, easily identify high-quality content. It can also rank content for related keywords or synonyms. It is, therefore, not necessary to use the same keywords several times throughout the content. If you are keyword spamming, Google can detect your content as spam. Google can penalise your website because of keyword spamming.

Videos and Images

It is now beneficial to put videos and images in your content. Why? They can help improve the user experience of your website visitors. The videos and images can help your content rank higher in the search results.

Local SEO

People love to shop online since they want to stay indoors and limit social contact. Therefore, more people are more likely to search for local businesses online. More local businesses will focus on local SEO in 2022. Once the pandemic is over, more people will work from home and shop online. If you have a small business, you can use local SEO to help you attract more people to your business.