The Best Investment Apps In The UK

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With the use of smartphones, it has made everyday tasks much easier. That includes contacting your friends, taking pictures and checking your bank account. However, there is a lot more to that. Something else that you can also do is start investing using your mobile phone.

More people are now looking for a passive income such as investing in the stock market. The issue that people have is that there are many different investment apps out there. Nevertheless, each app has its pros and cons so let’s delve into some of the best investment apps in the UK.


First is eToro and this is a great app for beginners. If you have never invested before, this would be a good app to consider. It is a great place for investing in traditional stocks as well as modern investments such as cryptocurrency.

Another benefit to eToro is the fact it offers a zero-commission trade like most investment apps. However, eToro allows you to follow other users that use this platform. That way, you can follow the trading routine of successful investors to help you understand it more.


Up next is Freetrade. It is another that offers commission-free trading and allows you to invest in many large to mid-cap stocks in the United Kingdom and the United States. Furthermore, you can invest in stocks in the German, Dutch and Finnish markets if you would like.

There are three different versions that you can have of Freetrade. One of those is the basic version which is free to use. Then you have the standard version, charging £5.99 per month and finally, the plus version. The plus version charges a total of £11.99 per month. 

Fidelity Personal Investing

Next up is Fidelity. It gives you the chance to invest in over 2,500 stocks. It also allows you to invest in FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE All-Share and FTSE AIM 100. Furthermore, this app allows you to set up a family member’s account. It allows you to invest all your money into the market whilst your family can view it.

Trading 212

There are many things you need to know about during trading and there is no better place to learn than Trading 212. On this, you can set up a practice account where you are given £5,000. It allows you to feel the trading experience without risking any money.

Another positive of Trading 212 is that it provides you with the basic financial information of a stock. All this information is essential for working out whether a stock is worth the investment.


As you can see, there are many different apps to use and kickstart your trading career. Some apps are better than others however, it depends on what you want to use them for.

Before you start investing, we encourage everyone to carefully consider their investments. It is easy to lose money through brokers, even regulated brokers.

If you ever lose money in the stock market then don’t think that you need to accept the loss and move on. We recommend you contact an investment fraud lawyer to see if you can recover the losses.

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